Amsterdam Handmade Sportswear

High-performace activewear with a touch of leopard print.

Costume Design

Designing and creating made-to-measure clothing.

Graphic Design

Designing prints and artworks for large fashion houses.

Fashion Illustrations

Sketching, drawing and painting clothing items and runway looks.

Colours Moods Trends

Trend and color analysis of women’s- and menswear fashionshows.


‘They Say The Circus Is Coming To Town’ is a swimwear collection designed and handmade by Anneloes Ouwehand - 2013.

Teaching and Workshops

Fashion and trend related teaching courses and projects for both teenagers and adults. Sewing workshops for students learning how to make their own sportswear.

Treasures From Berlin

A diorama displaying a runway show in miniature - 2011.

Mirror Mirror

A kaleidoscopic fairytale that explores the boundaries of reality and fantasy - 2010.

Les Mains Chaudes

A collection of fashionable mittens, designed to keep your hands warm and stylish in cold weather - 2008.

Blinded By Reality

Graduation Collection from AMFI - 2007.